Leadership Coaching
Why Leadership Coaching?
Leadership is a word that we hear all the time and has many different meanings and intentions. I see leadership as an individual owning their authentic voice, being impactful in their careers and life and creating powerful results for business. Your power comes from being 100% yourself and often stepping into your authentic leadership requires getting out of your own way.

What is amazing about leadership coaching is that when we work on ourselves we change both the way we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us.

Some questions to explore when assessing yourself as a leader:

  • Do I have the ability to confidently set a vision and engage a team to help make this vision happen?

  • Do people listen to me in a meeting?

  • Can I confidently interact with colleagues at all levels?

  • Do I feel the need to be right all the time?

  • How do I react when I make a mistake?

  • Do I empower the people around me?

  • Do I have a consistent leadership style?

  • Do people enjoy working with me?

  • Do I know how to use my extroversion or introversion to its strengths?

  • Can I adjust my style to be inclusive of all people (cross-cultural, hierarchical)?

  • Have I been passed up for promotion?

  • Am I getting noticed by Senior Management?

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Developing yourself as a leader takes time! I agree the amount of sessions in advance per client and encourage them to be no more frequent than twice a month as clients need time to take on board their great new insights and incorporate them in their real lives. Huge change and growth happens within this process!!

If you feel that you could use individual support on your leadership skills than coaching could be a good option for you. Within leadership coaching we would:

  • Look at who you are now (personality assessment)

  • Review feedback from Annual Reviews and 360 reports

  • Get a clear understanding of your leadership strengths & development areas

  • Explore what is blocking you from stepping into your power as a leader

  • Discover your authentic¬† leadership style and voice

  • Identify practical ways to increase your impact