'Two years ago, I was promoted to a mid-manager role. So far in my career I relied on my technical skills to climb the ladder and deliver what is expected from me. I quickly realised though that what got here will not necessarily get me further. This is where, I contacted Christine who immediately understood the requirements and put in place a thorough tailor-made plan to unlock the situation.
The plan consisted of various topics resulting from a 360 review and analysis, and a number of one to one sessions two weeks apart. Christine had pre-defined the number of hours to spend on each topic but was flexible in adapting the work according to the progress and needs.
Christine demonstrated a high level of professionalism and her experience made the coaching extremely rich and comprehensive. She was able to listen carefully and provide suggestions for actions in all situations. Before the end of the coaching, my management already started feeling the benefits of it on my contribution and leadership skills.
I am sure these sessions with Christine will not only help me in the present but will also serve well for years to come.'

- Khalid A., Royal Bank of Canada


‘Christine is everything you would want in a coach: a great listener with penetrating insight and the kind of ideas and suggestions which can unlock potential. She has been invaluable in structuring my highly chaotic thought processes so I now have clarity on focus on what I want and how I can get it.’

- B.D, HSCB 


'After feeling entirely lost and unmotivated in my role, I enlisted the help of Christine. We sat down and went through what I enjoy, what I do well and focused on the things that I want to do. She recommended some great publications and gave me fantastic interview tips to help me come across confident and comfortable. We worked together over two months, totally redid my resume and she gave me the confidence to really pursue my passion. Since working with Christine I have landed my dream job, ticking all the boxes. The interview tips were invaluable; I now highlight my skills and am confident with my weaknesses. When I feel lost again, she'll be first on my e-mail list.'

-Rich, Google


'There is an ease and flow in Christine's coaching that makes me feel relaxed, positive and really connected to her.  She establishes great rapport and makes me feel confident and really secure in the relationship.  Her intuition is piercing and she leaves no stone unturned in enabling me to explore opportunities and perspectives so that I can realise my dreams.

Christine is completely authentic and her coaching is a pure gift - I really recommend you to work with her!’

- V.A, Friends Provident


'I have enjoyed my coaching sessions thoroughly over the last months. The experience had a very positive impact on my personal and professional life recently and  has given me the clarity, motivation and confidence needed to take those ‘next steps’ helping me work towards my goals, hopes and dreams in life! Christine is very talented in her work and a true professional!'
- J.C, Thales Training & Consultancy

'Christine’s sessions were fabulous. From the moment we started Christine created an environment that I felt safe in which allowed me to explore feelings, emotions and behaviours about myself that I had not dared to before. This insight has allowed me to make decisions that I am completely comfortable with and start creating the life I want. Her sessions have given me clarity, focus and direction. I have already achieved so much in the last few months and these sessions have assisted in that. I hope to use these principles to continue to fulfil all my life wishes.'

C.H, Copenhagen Business School