Career Coaching
Why Career Coaching?

Your career is incredibly important. It is how you use your skills and knowledge, earn a living, and be a productive member of society. I see careers as a deep and important experience. To me it is how people connect with their purpose, contribute their gifts, grow as a person and experience joy and a sense of accomplishment. We often spend more time working than we do with our loved ones so it is essential that this precious time is well spent.

Career Coaching can be useful for most of us at different points in our career journey where we need an objective point of view, a champion and someone to see more in us than we see in ourselves.

Some of the more common reasons for clients to see me:

  • Clients have enjoyed the first part of their career and now want more meaning and purpose in what they do going forwards

  • Desire a complete career re-think and change and want support through the process

  • Have some positive career elements but it does feel 100% right. i.e.  Love your (function, industry, or work environment) but dislike your (function, industry, or work environment)

  • Clients who do not feel fulfilled or happy in their career and want help in identifying  thoughtful and strategic changes

  • Are happy in their career but want to progress to the next level up  (also see Leadership Coaching)

Types of Career Coaching Programmes

12 session full career coaching programme- A full programme of coaching sessions that delves deep into who you are and what you want (EXPLORE), what is possible for you in your career (DREAM), and a plan to make it happen (DISCOVER). You will be fully supported, challenged and championed through an intense and thorough coaching programme which results in real change. 

9 session shortened career coaching programme- The same as above but less work in self-assessment and recommended only for those who have done substantial self-development work.

Custom programme- This can be used as a taster coaching experience leaving you with new fresh insights. It can be also be used to focus on one particular area of the career coaching process.